Hey everyone,

Bored with sitting at home so much?  Are you, like us, eating a little too much?  We've developed an at home Jiu Jitsu-based exercise program: ABC Jiu Jitsu.  Here's how it works:  We've assigned an exercise for each letter of the alphabet, listed below.  Each week we'll post up a "Phrase of the Week" on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/stevensdefenseacademy   You, then, perform the exercise for each letter in the phrase.  For example, if the phrase of the week was, "Gracie Combatives", you would do Sprawls for the letter 'G' (10-15 recommended reps); Supermans for the letter 'R' (10 to 15 recommended reps); Trap and Rolls for the letter 'A' (any style, 5 to 10 reps each side) and so on until you had completed the exercises for all the letters in "Gracie Combatives!"

Below are the list of exercises and the letter each is associated with.  Have fun and remember, Your Life Is Worth Defending!

 - Trap and Rolls (any kind)
B - Modify Mounts
C - Haymaker Ducks w/ head protection
D - Double leg takedowns
E - Base Get-ups (any kind)
F - Elbow Get Ups
G - Sprawls (Low or High)
H - Shrimp Drill
I - Triangle Legs
J - Kimura Sit-ups
K - Box Step drill
L - Elbow Strikes (Like Double Underhook Guard Pass)
M - Back Falls w/ Base Get Up
N - Body Fold Takedown
O - Armlock Legs (Like Strait Armlock from Guard)
P - Push ups
Q - Shoulder Get-ups
R - Supermans (Like mount control prep drill)
S - Hooks
T - Side Mount Sit-throughs (like Side mount control, guard prevention)
U - Crunches
V - Leg Thrusts (Like the beginning of Giant Killer Triangle)
W - Sprawls
X - Shrimps
Y - Double Leg Take downs
Z - Pushups

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