Our Bullyproof Kids Martial Arts Classes Prepare Your Child For All Aspects Of Life

Here at Stevens Defense Academy, our goal is to equip your child with the impenetrable confidence they need to stand up to bullies verbally, nonviolently, and safely. However, when nonviolent deterrence fails, we want to ensure that your child is armed with the proper self-defense knowledge to stay safe if they are physically assaulted. Our Kids Martial Arts program is built on the Gracie Bullyproof® system, which is nationally recognized for its proven bully-prevention capability, to provide your child with the most powerful tools available in Green Bay or anywhere else.

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What Makes The Bullyproof Kids Martial Arts System So Special?

The truth is, bullies target the students they think they have control over - the students who aren't prepared to stand up for themselves. At Stevens Defense Academy, we're working hard every day to make sure that's not your child and to make sure your child is prepared to stand up for anyone else who might be the victim of a bully. We teach assertiveness and leverage-based control holds so that if your child does have to resort to violence, there's no punching or kicking. The goal is simply to neutralize the threat.

Numerous school districts have embraced Gracie Bullyproof® techniques, and some even host classes on-campus! Our Kids Martial Arts program uses the Bullyproof® system to help your child develop:

  • Self-confidence in the face of adversity
  • The bravery and assertiveness required to stand up to bullies
  • Respect for peers and teachers alike
  • Discipline in all aspects of life, from Martial Arts to homework

And What About Self-Defense?

The Gracie Bullyproof® Kids Martial Arts program teaches self-defense as a last resort. We focus on conflict resolution strategies and help your child stand up to bullies without resorting to violence. We offer role-playing exercises to help students practice in real time learn how to project authority. But if there is no other option beyond self-defense, your child will be prepared.

At Stevens Defense Academy, we're helping students across Green Bay learn the ins and outs of Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu®, a ground-based discipline that focuses on grappling and acquisition of leverage. It teaches your child how to gain control over a bully until adults can arrive. 

From day one, your child can develop:

  • Improved strength and athleticism
  • Balance and hand-eye coordination
  • Effective takedowns and ground defense strategies
  • Lifelong habits of physical activity

Take On The Best Kids Martial Arts Classes In Green Bay Today!

Don't let your child be the victim of a bully. Give them the skills to overcome any challenge with the help of our Gracie Bullyproof® Kids Martial Arts classes here in Green Bay. We are proud to work with students of all backgrounds and abilities to help them earn their stripes and stay safe. 

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