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  • Summer Special; All Programs: Kids Martial Arts, Women's Self-Defense, Self-Defense

    10 Week Summer Special Now Available We are happy to offer our very popular Summer Special package for all our programs: Kids Martial Arts, Women's Self-Defense and Self-Defense classes: 10 Weeks of classes, FREE Uniform, access to our Online Video Curriculum and MORE (a $250 value) for less than $6 PER CLASS! Best yet: YOU get to pick when you start your 10 weeks and you can pause for up to 2 weeks for a family vacation! What this means is you get to train Simple, Effective, Self-Defense for 10 weeks at less than 1/2 the price and you can still get in your family vacation while not missing any classes. In addition you cannot beat our family discount: 2nd family ....

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  • Stevens Defense Academy 2020 in review

    2020: A year in the rear view... thank God! With 2020 nearly over - thank God - we thought it would be interesting to people to do a year in review. It's been a year of "Embrace the Crazy", "Manage the Distance" and "Manage the Damage" but if we dig a little deeper I think we can find blessings and things to be very grateful for. Let's take a walk down memory lane... January: January started great! We brought on a co-instructor, Jay Rardin, to help with teaching and give us the ability to increase our offerings. Jay started in Gracie Jiu Jitsu under Nico in Plattville WI. He then worked with Kent at another WI sister school, Gracie Jiu Jitsu Appleton, where he got ....

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  • Your Health Is Worth Defending: Our Health Safety practices

    As we move towards re-opening our doors we realize that we have a responsibility to help protect the health of everyone who comes in our doors. As parents of a special needs child we know what it is to be concerned about the health of our child. As a family who loves hanging out with friends and loves Jiu Jitsu we know the need for coming together again, in person, and getting back on the mat! So to try to balance these two needs we have come up with the following protocols to help protect your or your child's health and the health of the other students. Solo Drill Classes: There can be so many details to our techniques that it is sometimes hard to focus on all of them while practicing ....

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  • ABC Jiu Jitsu Home Exercise Program

    Hey everyone, Bored with sitting at home so much? Are you, like us, eating a little too much? We've developed an at home Jiu Jitsu-based exercise program: ABC Jiu Jitsu. Here's how it works: We've assigned an exercise for each letter of the alphabet, listed below. Each week we'll post up a "Phrase of the Week" on our Facebook page: You, then, perform the exercise for each letter in the phrase. For example, if the phrase of the week was, "Gracie Combatives", you would do Sprawls for the letter 'G' (10-15 recommended reps); Supermans for the letter 'R' (10 to 15 recommended reps); Trap and Rolls for the letter 'A' (any style, 5 to 10 reps each side) ....

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  • The Reality of Self-Defense

    If you're like many, you may believe that all self-defense systems are the same. They all teach kick to the shin, poke the eyes, and the all important knee the groin. However while these things might work the problem is they can have an opposite effect as well. These and others traditionally taught as "self-Defense" rely on pain compliance to work. For example: groin strikes. Why strike the groin? Its a sensitive area and may cause the attacker to double over in pain. The problem with pain compliance techniques is they don't work under certain circumstances like being drunk or on drugs, mentally disturbed or determined. Just think, if you were holding a loved one by the hand, over the ....

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