If you're like many, you may believe that all self-defense systems are the same.  They all teach kick to the shin, poke the eyes, and the all important knee the groin.  However while these things might work the problem is they can have an opposite effect as well.  These and others traditionally taught as "self-Defense" rely on pain compliance to work.  For example: groin strikes.  Why strike the groin?  Its a sensitive area and may cause the attacker to double over in pain.  The problem with pain compliance techniques is they don't work under certain circumstances like being drunk or on drugs, mentally disturbed or determined.  Just think, if you were holding a loved one by the hand, over the edge of a bridge, would the abutment digging into your forearm encourage you to let go or to hold on harder?

Pain compliance techniques often cause the opposite effect desired.

But what if there was another principle you could rely on to help defend yourself?  There is: Leverage!

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