As we move towards re-opening our doors we realize that we have a responsibility to help protect the health of everyone who comes in our doors.  As parents of a special needs child we know what it is to be concerned about the health of our child.  As a family who loves hanging out with friends and loves Jiu Jitsu we know the need for coming together again, in person, and getting back on the mat!  So to try to balance these two needs we have come up with the following protocols to help protect your or your child's health and the health of the other students.

Solo Drill Classes:

There can be so many details to our techniques that it is sometimes hard to focus on all of them while practicing with a partner.  For our first Phase of re-opening we will be focusing on some of those details in solo drills.  Our mat will be divided into 6' squares and there will only be one student per square unless they have a partner from their own household.  

 Mat Cleanliness:

While we always cleaned the mats after two or three classes our new schedule allows us to clean the mats after every class.  We use 'Defender' mat soap which kills 99.99% of bacteria, fungus and virus it contacts.
We also have implemented a foot washing station.  Other schools have had rash, athletes foot and even wart problems go through their schools.  Many times this is due to bare feet on the mats.  On top of cleaning the mats after each class we have each student briefly wash their feet in a foot washing station before stepping onto the mat.  The station merely consists of a basin with a foot scrubbing pad secured to the bottom.  'Defender' foot wash for athletes is pored into the bottom.  Students and instructors, one at a time, step into the basin, wipe their feet on the scrubber, step out of the basin onto a towel and then step onto the mat.  
Temperature checks:

Each instructor is required to check their temperature before coming to the school.  If an instructor has a temp of 100.3+ they are required to stay home.  The same for each student.  We will implement 'touchless' temperature scans when we receive our thermometer, however, at the time of this writing the shipping was delayed.

Symptom check:

If any student or instructor has any of the published list of cold symptoms they are required to stay home.

Pick-up / Drop-off:

We will not allow parents to stay and watch their children without a specific reason and this will be limited to 2 or 3 parents, at a distance from the mats.  We encourage parents to drop off their children at the door and pick them up after class so as to limit the number of people in our facility.

Personal Hygiene:

 Students are required to wear a clean Gi to class with exception of new students waiting for their Gi to be delivered.  Students are required to wear a t-shirt or rashguard under their Gi top.  Students must be recently showered and practice good oral hygiene.  We provide mouthwash and disposable cups in the bathrooms for this purpose.

General Cleanliness:
Our desk / pens and bathrooms are cleaned regularly to help prevent the spread of diseases.


Masks are not required, however, we encourage anyone to wear one who wishes.  If not wearing a mask we ask those to be responsible and respect other's social distancing. 

General Risk Acceptance:

It is understood that while precautions can be taken it is impossible to eliminate risk of disease or infection 100%.  Anyone attending class accepts the risk that they may contract a disease, illness, or other biological, viral or fungal infection, disease or illness.

Anything else:
We are open to honest suggestions.  If you see anything, from a health standpoint, that you wish addressed please see one of the instructors.

As always, #YourLifeIsWorthDefending! and we hope to see you on the mat!

Stevens Defense Academy LLC staff

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