Kids Martial Arts near Green Bay

These guys are the real deal. All the training and knowledge they have is second to none. And they’re able to craft it in an easy to learn way that anyone can pick up on. Do yourself a favor and visit them today.

Mike Higgins

Great hands-on experience with a group of people who make you feel welcome while gradually perfecting a variety of techniques rather you're young or old and in shape or not...something for everyone and definitely family-oriented.

Jessica E.

Kids Martial Arts near Green Bay

This experience was informative, memorable (important when you are talking about your personal safety!), and FUN! The Stevens family knows their stuff (ask them about their background in martial arts, Nate's experience as a police officer and Tricia's background as an ER nurse), and their dedication to the protection of all life (the logo on their shirts is "Your life is worth defending"!) is something worth experiencing with them.

I was blessed to participate in a week of classes for adults and by watching my children learn in a week of classes dedicated to kids. Nate and his family tailored their teaching to the abilities and learning levels for each class. The kids' level especially included great memory techniques ("Spider-kid" and "snake bite" are some of the ones the kids loved). Each person was able to participate and practice - and I mean this very seriously as I was able to do just about all of it - while seven months pregnant!

Both the kids' and adult classes included important talks about personal and family safety, again at an age-appropriate level. These classes encouraged talking with your family at home and having a plan for more than just your typical "fire escape route." In this day and age, we can have less fear of fires due to prevention and fire alarms, but not those same protections/warnings for our own personal safety - UNLESS we get informed and have experiences like the Stevens Defense Academy provides.

Finally, the Stevens Defense Academy is committed to making this experience one that goes beyond the classes - by encouraging participants to ask questions during class and following. It's amazing to have them as a lifelong resource for any questions about personal safety that I or my family might have at any point in time. In other words, if you have the opportunity to be a part of what they offer, it will be well worth your money and time. After all, what is more important than life??

Katie V.

Kids Martial Arts near Green Bay

Very good experience, Nate & Tricia are very nice people you feel welcomed as soon as you enter

Christian Linares

Family-friendly, amazing instructor, and located in a very convenient location. This is my first recommendation to friends and their families!

Chinyere S.

I recommend everything about Stevens Defense Academy! Nate and Tricia are very professional and well trained but are also super family-friendly and great with our children. They are all about useful, real-life techniques for self-defense and dealing with bullying. We loved how you had everyone down on the mat from the first day!
This is just the approach we wanted for our children. I grew up in a third world country with crimes of various kinds affecting me - wish I had known these techniques to use from time to time!!! I do and would recommend Stevens Defense Academy to any adult or child interested in learning how to deal with bullies and physical threats - whether to learn how to de-escalate a conflict or finish it in your favor =)

Sarah C.

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